Healthy Living Workshop FAQ's

Do I have to attend all six weeks?

The workshops have been designed so that the classes connect and build on each other, so they work best if you plan to attend all six weeks. We understand, of course, that occasionally it may be unavoidable to have to miss a session due to a doctor’s appointment or other emergency. But if you know in advance that you will have to miss two or more of the sessions, it would be best to wait and sign up for a workshop that you can attend without interruption.

Why are the classes 2 ½ hours?

The classes are 2 1/2 hours long because they are very interactive. Many topics discussed include brainstorming activities where the participants contribute their ideas. In addition, at each class, every participant is asked to choose an “action plan” of something they want to work on during the coming week. Time is allocated for everyone to discuss their action plans, report how they did, and, if they would like, receive suggestions and assistance from the other participants. In addition, we do take a short break in the middle of each session. We think you will find that the time moves quickly and the classes don’t seem to be too long once you’re actually participating.

How do I know these workshops are providing correct and useful information?

All of these workshops are “evidence-based workshops”. That is, they were developed scientifically and have been tested to confirm that they actually helped the people who have taken them. The leaders have gone through rigorous training and are monitored to ensure that they adhere to the program guidelines.

The My Life, My Health, Chronic Pain Self-Management and Diabetes Self-Management workshops were developed by Stanford University. The same workshops are being given by different organizations throughout the state and the country.

Can my spouse/son/daughter/caregiver attend the class with me?

Yes. The classes are open to people who live with or provide support to the person with the chronic condition. This person should also register for and be prepared to participate in the class. Powerful Tools for Caregivers is the exception, please see question below.

I would like to attend the Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop but my family member cannot be left alone, can I bring him/her with me?

The Powerful Tools for Caregivers workshop is intended for the caregiver only as a place you can feel safe sharing confidential information about yourself and your loved one. Springwell has a Family Caregiver Support program with a Caregiver Specialist who can help you come up with respite ideas for while you attend the workshop.

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